Mimi-Matilda Petkova and her husband Tsvetan Petkov

This photo was taken in Sofia on 19th November 1950. These are my husband Tsvetan Petkov and I. The photo was taken after our wedding. I met my husband in Byala Slatina. We were in the same youth UYW leadership. Then we both were members of a brigade in Pernik. Later he went to a school for officers in reserve in Sofia and I went to work in the Agriculture Ministry in Sofia where we married. My husband was born on 3rd March 1927 in the village of Dobrolevo, Vratsa region. My mother-in-law was a priest's daughter. Imagine a village in which one mother-in-law has four daughters and only one son, and the daughter-in-law - a Jew. In 1950 that was quite something. 'She is Uvreika, uvreika?' ['Jewish woman' in the local dialect; in proper Bulgarian it is 'evreika'] said the villagers. Only when my son was born and I named him Georgi after my father-in-law, he crushed some grape, treated the people on the street and said, 'She might be a Jew, but she gave my name to her son?'

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Mimi-Matilda Petkova

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