Buko Pizanti and friends while on leave

This photo was sent to my father Buko Pizanti by a friend of his. It was taken while he was at the front, when they were given a leave and went to town. My father is sitting on the right, the other two are friends of his, whom I do not know. The picture was taken on 18th September 1918 in Vidin. I know many of my father's adventures. He went to fight for Bulgaria as a volunteer. But when Bulgaria lost in World War I - we were on the side of the Germans. The then Communist Party ordered them to abandon their positions. He headed the mutiny, which was against this order. When he was sent to solitary confinement to wait for the trial, his friends brought him food and water secretly. His guards gave it to him, probably because they saw that he was right. When he was a prisoner of war in 1919 in Thessaloniki, he got malaria and the English treated him in a wonderful way. They gave him all the necessary medications. He told me about the barge in 1923, the people in the hold: they had no water, not enough air? By the way, in 1923 the police arrested my father at home while he was asleep. My mother got so scared that both her eardrums burst. My mother remained deaf for the rest of her life.

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Mimi-Matilda Petkova

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