Zita Negrea

This photo was taken in Turda in 1947. My mother's sister is in this picture; she is called Zita. Since she was born in the time of Zita, the last Hungarian queen, she was named after her. My mother, Ilona Weinberger, was the oldest child in the family, and she had one brother, Jeno and one sister, Zita. Zita graduated in law and became a lawyer; she had a doctorate in law. She got married to an illegal communist and went to Kolozsvar with her husband, where she remained until her retirement. Her husband, Negrea Arnold, wasn't religious at all. He was a university professor, he taught economics, and finally they left for Israel after they retired. They died in Israel. My mother's brother, Jeno, was almost an everyday guest in Zita's house in Kolozsvar; he ate there every day. He was a family member there but he didn't use his sister financially. He considered the children of his sister his own.