Printers place in yard of Moric Weinberger's house

I came to know of this picture after I had returned from the deportation. The house of my maternal grandparents had a big yard and there were lot of things in it. In the 1930s, they wanted to build an iron foundry in the middle of the huge yard. They built in a massive chimney, however the building was never finished, it wasn't even plastered, perhaps because of the coming of harder times. I used to play inside, because they didn't use the building. It stayed unfinished until 1940, when I moved with my parents to Kolozsvar. I don't know if it was set on fire or just caught fire, during World War II. Perhaps between 1940-1944 a place was needed to set up a printing works. The inscription [printers] wasn't there in my childhood, I only noticed this from the photo. When I returned from the deportation, it was out of use.