Laszlo and Sandor Nussbaum with a relative

This photo was taken in Torda in 1938. This is the coach-house at the rear of my paternal grandfather's house. One can see the entrance in the picture. My grandfather had a driver, but he was only there until he died, after that there was no need. Near the entrance of the coach-stalls, in the middle, there was a passageway to the big garden behind the coach-house. There was a big orchard back there and a huge nut tree as well. As a child I used to play and wander around in that garden, and I was always told off for that but it had no effect on me. The man between me and my little brother Sandor must have been some relative. My parents told me once that he was unmarried. Maybe he was a cousin of my father, but how close, I have no idea. He had no family and wasn't so close that we would have asked after him.