Postcard of Turda featuring Moric Weinberger's house

This is an official town postcard of Turda. The photos are generally taken of the town center. By chance, my maternal grandparents' house was right in the middle of the main square. This is what their house looked like. My grandmother, Franciska Weinberger, died in 1932 and my grandfather Moric never got married again. He lived in this house with his bachelor son, who was a lawyer, and with his yet unmarried daughter. His other daughter Ilona was my mother. That's how it was until 1940. I have quite a lot of memories from this period. There was a huge fenced veranda, where we used to eat in summer; at a big table with ten people, not including guests. There was a dining room as well, which you could walk through, then came the so-called salon with a piano etc. and with furniture typical of the beginning of the century. There were fringed draperies on the walls, little armchairs. Sometimes there were organized salon parties, musical evenings, because my mother's sister finished a conservatory. There were two bedrooms in the house. My grandfather had a double bed, in which he slept alone. My parents lived in a completely different part of the house, in a three-roomed apartment. If I remember correctly, my mother ?managed? the house, together with the larger, common household. She also cooked, but there were two gentile servants as well.