Heinrich Nussbaum's house in Turda

My grandfather, Heinrich Nussbaum, his second wife, Paula, and my father are in the photo, on the balcony. The picture was taken in Turda, in 1931. The apartment was on the upper story, downstairs there was a restaurant called Astoria. They owned the building, but they rented it out. ?Grosspapa, Grossmama, Daddy? is written on the picture. I suppose my father wrote it for me, a long time ago, because he must have been the ?daddy.? This building stands in Torda down to the present day. It was probably built before World War I, sometime at the beginning of the 1900s, because my grandfather bought it after World War I. They must have had a rather good financial situation. My grandfather gave a lot to these war-bonds in order to further victory for the Austro-Hungarian army, which lost the war in the end. Then he was discharged. He could not be a soldier after the war was lost, and he remained with his money, and with his children. He decided to go back to Transylvania, where he had relatives, so he bought a house in Torda. They came to Torda, and they lived very well there.