Vladislav Rozenberg in the Yugoslav Royal Army

This is my husband, Dr. Vladislav Rozenberg, I met him through one of my uncles who studied with my husband`s father. After his studies my future father-in-law lived in Senta where my husband was born on September 21, 1908. Since they remained good friends they frequently visited one another. One time he came with his son and I happened to be there and we liked each other. We never learned whether our meeting was arranged and my husband and I have never spoken about it. We married first in a civil wedding on June 27, 1940, then in a religious wedding on June 30, Somewhere at that time the pre-war waves of fear were felt in the air - the wave of anti-Semitism, so we had the wedding in our house. There was a chuppah and the rites were preformed as dictated by the religion and religious law. After the wedding we lived in Velika Kikinda (Banat) for seven months before my husband went into the army, then he was taken prisoner and I went back to my mother's. My husband was an eloquent man. He spoke German and French. He finished medical school and then specialized in dentistry.