Salamon Spitzer in front of his shop

This is my father Salamon Spitzer in front of his shop. Everybody called him Sanjika, He was born on February 18, 1888. His native tongue was Hungarian but he also spoke German. He finished the sixth grade of elementary school and was unable to continue his studies because as a youngster he suffered a lot and was hungry. At the age of seven he lived with his aunt who was very mean and treated him very poorly. He was an apprentice to a glass merchant and he made good progress so when he married my mother they opened a small workshop with minimal start-up capital. Because of his modesty they succeeded to build that small workshop into the biggest glassworks in Subotica. When they took inventory my father would take a box of matches from his pocket and say 'what do I need to take inventory for I started with these and everything that is here is profit.'