Emil Rozenberg, Dora`s father-in-law, Dora and her mother

The main person is my father-in-law. He was a teacher and later the school principal. On his left is my mother and me on the right. It was taken in front of my mother`s house in Subotica. My mother Cecilia Merkler, known as Cilika, was born in Cantavir on September 29, 1890. She was the sixth child in the family and my grandmother`s first. She spoke Hungarian and she finished the sixth grade of elementary school. She helped a lot around the house, and was very hard working. Mother knew knitting, and after she finished her school she often used to knit. I think that they met in the same manner that all Jews did back then, a shadchan introduced them. They married in Cantavir on the 17th of March 1914. in the synagogue. When the war broke out in the fall, several months after their wedding, father was called for military service. Since my mother was pregnant with me she went back to stay with her parents and waited for him to come back from the war.