Seder night in the Jewish Community in Subotica

This is a Seder night in Jewish community in Subotica. First on the right is me and third from the right is my husband Lacika. People around us are our Jewish friends, members of the Jewish Community at the time. We used to gather mostly on holidays like these. Before the war we did not keep kosher but the holidays were observed as the religion prescribes. We separated milk and meat; I even remember we had different color dishes so that we would not mix them up. There were special dish towels which were used to wash and dry the meat and milk dishes. The candles burned on Shabbat, we went to synagogue. I kept going to the Jewish community, same as before the war and I was not scared because of it. We helped poor people, visited the sick, cooked food according to the religious requirements for the Seder, for Purim, for Chanukah, and made packages for the children. Even today Ela and I make matzah dumplings for the Seder.