Dora Rozenberg's Aunt Emma Ber

This is my mother`s step-sister who I liked very much. She had a lot of brothers and sisters among which were Herman, Zsiga, Janka, Miska, Marton, Karoly, Cilika and Rozsika. Only my mother, Emma and Zsiga survived the concentration camp and came back. Zsiga has a daughter in Israel who is a great grandmother herself now. Emma went to Budapest after the war. She had four children. She died in Budapest. Uncle Herman lived in Szeged and had one daughter. Miska was deported to Austria and he did not live to see the liberation. Rozsika lived in Belgrade and had two daughters. She stayed with one daughter in Belgrade and they were executed at Sajmiste by the Germans, while the other daughter came to Subotica. She lives in Israel today with her family and has 8 grandchildren.