Gaspar Spitzer and his wife Betti Hirsch Spitzer, Dora Rozenberg`s great-grandparents

My paternal great grandfather was Gaspar Spitzer, and his wife Betti Hirsch - married name Gaspar. They were middle-class merchants; they had a shop where one could find everything from groceries to household chemistry. Since the towns were smaller and shops like that one were rare, the business was good. They had five or six children but I do not remember their names other than my grandfather's, Mor Spitzer. They were quite religious, they kept kosher. My paternal grandfather Mor Spitzer, was born in Subotica and lived on the Tompa farm, a small place in Vojvodina. His wife was Mimi - Marija Koh, married name Spitzer. She, unfortunately, died very young, at 40, from galloping consumption. She was a beautyful and strong woman, who kept the family on her shoulders. She left behind five children.