Roza Kamhi's wedding picture

This is my wedding picture: Pepo Nahmijas, Dario Ruso, Beno Ruso and Zozef Kamhi, Dora Ruso and me (on the right). We were married in the local municipality in Skopje on 16th June 1946. My husband Beno's brother, Dario, who had been a prisoner of war, got married to my friend Dora Nahmijas on the same day as Beno and I did. Before the war we were friends but we didn't live in the same neighborhood; she lived in la Kaleze and I lived in la Tabane. But we were together in ken. Dora fled to Greece before the occupation and from there she was sent with the Greek Jews to Auschwitz for a short time at the end of the war. After the war she returned to Skopje. She was skin and bones when we went to get married. After the wedding we all went to lunch together at Hotel Macedonia in Skopje and then returned to work. That was the whole ceremony. There was no special celebration, just the registration. These were civil marriages. Zozef and Pepo were our witnesses. Zozef was my first cousin. He married a Jewish pharmacist named Riketa from Macedonia and they went to live in Israel. She was not deported because they needed pharmacists and doctors to care for the wounded from the front.