Roza Kamhi with friends from the Party

This is me right after the liberation and my release from prison. Here I am with two friends from Resava [80 km northeast of Bitola]. I worked with women in a village called Prespa. On the right is Marigo she is from Trblanka, the first village near Resna. I cannot remember the other woman's name. The photo was taken in Prespa in the 1940s. We worked together, we went to different villages and talked to women. We helped them organize and prepare for the new government. We were in the [Communist Party's] Regional Committee together. We worked for the party then. That area had 20-30 villages. There were some Albanian villages so we went with a woman who knew Albanian. We visited women and told them they had to give food for partisans and told them about how life would be. This was political work.