Pepo Kamhi and his friend

This is my brother Pepo Kamhi (on the left) and a friend of his. It must have been taken before the war because Pepo was killed in Treblinka. I had help from my younger brother, Pepo, with homework. Since he finished the same gymnasium as I did, he helped me with the things I didn't know for school. Pepo was a clerk in the municipality. I think he worked there until the end [deportation]. He wasn't a partisan. I guess he helped the movement. We Jews all helped the movement in one way or another. He was progressive, but I don't remember if he had some special function. Pepo was employed in the municipality as a clerk, but I don't remember when he stopped working. I know that he was a clerk and that he had a salary. He was the only one that had one in the family. Jews were rarely clerks.