Mois Kamhi

This is a picture of my older brother Mois Kamhi. The photo was taken in Bitola in the 1940s. He finished the French school in Bitola, which was a very elite school back then. But there was great unemployment in Bitola and he could not get work. He went to Israel, among the first who went. He went to a kibbutz with a group. But he was weak. And the life for those who first went to a kibbutz was truly for heroes. The climate was harsh, they worked very hard, kibbutzim were not like kibbutzim today. These were truly heroes and fighters. He came back because of health reasons, something with his lungs, something was not good for him there. Although we never spoke about it, I think he was disappointed, why I do not know. He wanted to work but he could not find a job. Even in Monopol, the tobacco factory, he could not get work. He could not find work digging in the streets. He was very well-read and progressive but with that kind of life. He was a peaceful person and sang very nicely.