Roza Kamhi with colleagues from the ministry of finance

I am pictured here in Skopje with two co-workers from the Ministry of Finance, Pajo and Maria. The three of us worked together in the ministry after the war. At the time we were all members of the Party and shared the same ideology. I worked in this capacity until my husband and I moved to Nis in 1948. This photo was taken in Skopje in the 1940s. After the war I worked in the finance ministry. My whole professional career I worked in finance. After prison I first worked for the Communist Party's committee in Prespa, a region in Macedonia. There I worked with women. From there, as a little more of an intellectual, since I finished the commercial academy, I was transferred to Skopje to the Ministry of Finance, in 1945. There I made it to assistant to the minister. It all went very quickly because they didn't have staff in Macedonia. Then Beno was transferred to Nis. My daughter Berta was born in Nis in 1949. In Nis I worked for the regional district, this is a higher administrative level than a municipality, in the bureau for prices.