Roza Kamhi and Fana Majkal

Here I am pictured with my friend Fana Majkla (on the left). We were in prison together during the war. She is a Macedonian, a non-Jew from Bitola. She was in the Party with me before the war and was imprisoned before me. She had been in prison in Skopje. Then they transferred prisoners from Bitola back from Skopje to Bitola and she came to my prison. This picture was taken after the war, in the 1950s, in Skopje. Every Tuesday when it is not raining or bad weather we meet with some other people in a local coffeeshop. It is a mixed group of friends from the partisans from the movement. Fana worked as a seamstress before the war and after she was a functionary of some sort. I think she might have been in the personnel commission for the Republic of Macedonia. She is the same age as I am.