Roza Kamhi and friends from Hashomer Hatzair

This is me and my friends from Hashomer Hatzair. The photo was taken in Bitola in 1938. I see my friend Dora Nahmijas lying next to me on the right. She is called Dora Ruso now, she is my husband's elder brother Dario's wife. During the occupation of Bitola she fled to Greece. From there she was deported with the Greek Jews to Auschwitz. After the liberation she came back to Skopje. Before the war we were good friends. We were in Hashomer Hatzair together. She lived in the a la Kaleze neighborhood and I lived in a la Tabane. She did not go to school with me. Maybe she went to the French school but I?m not sure. She did not finish secondary school. She was at home. [Her family] was wealthy. Her dad was a merchant. After the war she was in Skopje and worked for the control commission. She married my husband's older brother, Dario. They moved to Israel in 1948. She has two children and is still alive in Israel. Here we are pictured wearing everyday clothes. We did not always wear uniforms in Hashomer Hatzair. Our uniforms consisted of handkerchiefs, lapel pins and hats. Like scouts. We only wore them when there was a formal occassion. The boy in the middle is one of the bogrim who was responsible for our group.