Roza Kamhi's class picture from the commercial academy in Bitola

Here I am in my class photo from the commercial academy in Bitola where I was a student. Regina Sami was another Jewish girl in my class but I cannot find her here. Eli Faradji and Jakov Kalderon were also in my class. I remember them all but cannot see well enough to identify them in the picture. The photo was taken in 1937. Eli Faradji went to school with me. I don?t know anything else about him. As for Jakov Kalderon - we were together at the commercial academy. We were also in Ken together. We were friends. He fled to Greece, I think, during the war. Then, I think, he joined the partisans. After the war he returned to Bitola and then he married my best friend Adela. They married in Macedonia and then lived in Israel. He was a jack-of-all trades. They built some port in Israel and he worked as an electrician there. He worked, had his own house with an orchard, and he raised chickens. He was a good man, a good friend, merry, and most importantly he could do everything. He was always working. I remember when I went to Israel I went to visit them, of course. Then my friend complained that I stayed for too short a time but that was all the time I had. I was with them two or three nights. As soon as I arrived he put me to work: ?Tonight we are going to get the chickens ready to be sold. There is nothing for free with me.? It was organized. Someone came and picked up all the old chickens that did not lay eggs. He was a joker. He took us around Israel. They had two children , a son and a daughter. But both Jakov and Adela died in Israel. When we were students we were only allowed to be out in the evenings until 8-9. If our teachers saw us out after that time, they would punish us. This was done for school discipline. Our parents didn't consider this late but the school had its own regime and order. We started school at 8 in the morning and studied till 1 in the afternoon. We had one big break and two smaller ones. The big one lasted fifteen minutes during which they sold rolls or you could bring a snack from home.