Panni Koltai with her sisters

This is a picture of me with my sisters in Belapatfalva in 1930. I'm the one on the left, next to me in the funny male swimming suit is Bozsi Spiegel, nee Friedmann and on her right is Piri Deri, nee Friedmann, with her first husband Gyula Krausz behind her. My sister didn't have her swimming suit on her when we went on this excursion and it was possible to bathe in this lake. I didn't have one either, you can see that I'm wearing a dress. And my sister took the swimming suit of one of the kids and was showing off in it.

We went on excursions every Sunday on a big wagon. It's the kind of flat wagon used for transporting furniture. You can still see them, but they are not much in use any more. Gyula Krausz had such a furniture transporting wagon and every Sunday we went to Belepatfalva, Ostoros, and to many other places. Once the family went on the lake in a boat and the boat turned over they fell into the water. It was an adventure because the boat was full; we had many children with us. We were standing on the shore watching this with Dad and Bozsi. We didn't get into the boat, because i didn't like boat rides. And the lake was rather dirty, too. But they went, and the boat went swinging and hey presto, suddenly the whole company fell into the water. Fortunatelya everybody could swim. In Eger everybody could swim. So, we had a good laugh. But everybody had wet clothes on and we were thinking how to dry them. They undressed and we had a few rugs with us but they had holes in them. My brother-in-law, Gyula, put on a rug that had a hole on the back where it shouldn't have one. So, it was big fun, trying to see what could be seen from him.

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