Karcsi and Eva Koltai

This is the wedding photo of my son Karcsi Koltai. His wife's maiden name is Eva Erdos. They got married in 1973. They got to know each-other through a common acquaintance, who was Eva's relative and went to university together with Karcsi. The wedding took place in the civil registry office in Zuglo in Budapest. My husband, Istvan's siblings sisters were there with their families, as well as some neighbors and Karcsi and Eva's friends, of course. After the wedding they went on their honeymoon to Denmark because Eva's father was on a posting there and they went to visit him. Eva is also Jewish. It did matter to me but I told him that I would accept whoever he chose. Because I had lived in a world where it mattered and I was more attached to these things than Karcsi. Because Karcsi was born into a world where he could be like this or like that, whatever he chose. Eva is a very clever woman, a nice, smart woman. They are the same age. Eva is a chemical engineer by profession but she works in foreign trade. They moved into Eva's parents? house in Zuglo, as they were abroad at the time and they lived there for a year and a half. My older grandson was born here. Then they moved into the city centre, into a flat near the Opera House, and they have lived there ever since. Eva studied to be a chemical engineer at university and after graduating she worked in the Chinoin Pharmaceutical Works at first but then, when the children were born, she moved closer to work. Later she started working in foreign trade and she still works in this field. Karcsi started at the IPARTERV [socialist firm designing industrial complexes], but today he works as a construction investor.


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