Piri Deri with her husband Gyula Krausz

This is my sister Piri Deri, nee Friedmann, with her first husband Gyula Krausz in front of their flat on 13 Munkas Street in Budapest, where I was also hiding during the war. The little girl must be some neighbor's child; children liked Gyula very much. Piri's husband was a merchant. They got married in 1926. We had a cousin, Bela Korosi. He was somewhat of an eccentric but he was a lawyer by profession. He courted Piri. And Piri was about to marry Bela, the wedding was to take place within a week. But nothing came of it because in the meantime Gyula Krausz also proposed marriage to her. Mom went to Reb Shayele, who was a rabbi, who told her not to marry her off to America and that there was this decent fellow here and she should marry her to him. We children were eavesdropping, of course, and heard Mom tell what the rabbi had said. Piri's husband died somewhere in forced labor in 1945. Piri took over her husband's job after the war. She picked up bread in the big bread-producing factory and took it to various shops. This was an independent occupation at the time.

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