Rozsi and Sandor Schwarz

This is my sister Rozsi Schwarz, nee Friedmann, with her first husband Sandor Schwarz. This is their wedding photo, taken in Eger on 1st July 1928. All my sisters finished the four classes of middle school. Rozsi was at home after finishing middle school and helped Mom. She made beautiful children's clothes, I have no idea where she learnt this, she just picked it up somewhere. She never learnt it professionally. Rozsi's husband was in forced labor somewhere and she was in Auschwitz. All the Jews in Eger were collected. The ghetto was simple, they said that it would be where the synagogue was, next to it there was a what-you-call-it, and they were collected there. I don't even know how it exactly happened in Eger. When Rozsi came back, we didn't question her because we felt sorry for her. Rozsi came back and they had notified us already that she was coming back and then she arrived in Eger in July 1945 and I went to meet her. I will never forget how I got hold of a car and put Rozsi in it. Rozsi worked for the Joint in Eger. The Joint set up offices in Eger, too, it had offices in many towns back then. And she was the boss. This was lucky for me because my son was small and she helped me. Later she got married again and stopped working. Her second husband, he was also called Schwarz, was a merchant in Eger and had a stall at the market-place. I don't know exactly what he traded with but I think they made a living from this. Rozsi's second husband wasn't a good man, at least he wasn't good to my sister.

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