Sanyi Korosi dissecting a corpse

This is my cousin, Sanyi Korosi during a dissection. He sent this photo, taken in Vienna in 1925, to my parents in Eger. Dad had one full sister, Aunt Julia Kohn, nee Friedmann, the mother of the three Korosi boys. Aunt Julia was a poor woman and her sons paid for their tuition themselves. All three of them became educated men. Sanyi, was an ear, nose and throat specialist. He graduated from university in Vienna because there was the numerus clausus in Hungary at the time. Sanyi first went to Shanghai, China, where he found refuge during the war. He married a Russian woman there. Later they moved to Cleveland, USA. He stayed there and he came to visit after the war. He had a son and a daughter. We were in contact with Sanyi. He was a splendid person, a good fellow; all three Korosi boys were very clever people.

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