Julia Kohn, Helen Klein and Jozsef Friedmann

These are my father's siblings, Jozsef Friedmann (in the middle), Helen Klein, nee Friedmann (on the left) and Julia Kohn, nee Friedmann (on the right). Jozsef and Helen were my father's half-siblings. The photo was taken in Balassagyarmat in 1939. Dad had one full sister, Aunt Julia, the mother of the Korosi boys. I think that Dad's sister married a man from Miskolc and moved there from Recsk. She was already a widow when she moved to Eger. She was a servant, she kept house for someone. There was a cheap kitchen in Eger, it was called dime kitchen, which was maintained by the Jewish community and she worked there. But for the most part we supported the poor woman, as much as we could. Aunt Julia died in 1940. Aunt Helen was married to Sandor Klein and had four children, Sanyi, Istvan, Erzsebet and Laci. Jozsef was married to Giza and they had their three children. They all died in 1944. I don?t know anything else about them.

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