Masha Katinskene, her husband Iosif Katinskas and daughter Anna

Here you can see my mother's sister Masha Katinskene, her husband Iosif Katinskas, and their daughter Anna is on the left. The photo was taken in Vilnius in the 1930s.

Mama's sister Masha, born in 1891, married Iosif Katinskas from Lithuania. Their daughter Anna was born in 1920. During the occupation Iosif, Masha and Anna stayed in Vilnius. Masha was hiding in her apartment and never left it throughout the occupation. Iosif took every effort to save his wife. Anna was a teacher in a distant village. They survived and supported me. A long period of my life is tied to this family. Masha and Iosif had me in their family after I lost my parents, and actually they replaced my parents.