Azriel Jafet

This is my brother Azriel Jafet. The photo was taken in Kaunas in 1927.

In 1923 my father became a dealer for British textile companies. Britain manufactured wonderful woolen fabrics, known all over the world, and exported them to Lithuania. My father was a wholesaler. In 1925 Mama gave birth to my older brother Azriel, named after my father's father. In 1927 Yefim was born. He was called Fima in the family. At the age of six Fima caught a cold and died of pneumonia in 1933. I was born on 31st March 1930. 

We had a beautiful childhood, and I would wish my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, if I'm lucky to live long enough to see them, to have a happy childhood. Our family was rather wealthy. My father owned two houses. We lived in one, and I can't describe that other house. I don't remember it, but I remember the one we lived in very well. It was a big stone house in the center of Kaunas. It had five rooms and a kitchen. There was a dining room, a living room and a big kitchen on the first floor. There was a beautiful wooden staircase to the second floor. There was also my father's room, where we had to ask permission to come in, my parents' bedroom and the children's room that belonged to Azriel and me. I can't remember our brother Fima. He died when I was just three, but I think he must have slept in this children's room as well. There were two wooden beds with nice covers and a desk where Azriel liked to paint and draw. Azriel demonstrated amazing talents with regards to painting and drawing of houses and structures since he was a young child.