Karmel Bar as Queen Esther

This is a photo of Karmel Bar, and was taken in Kyriat Bialik by Haifa in 1997. The picture was taken during the Purim holiday. Little girls often want to be Queen Esther. The Beer family lived in Brno; the father, head finance councilor JUDr. Julius Beer, the mother, Hildegard née Fried. They had two sons, Pavel and Oskar. Simon arrived in Palestine in 1939, alone, at the age of 14. Pavel survived the Holocaust, and arrived in Israel in 1948 or 1949; here he married Edita Borgerova, who was born in 1929, in Ostrava and was saved in England by Mr. Winton, where she traveled at the age of ten with her brother, without their parents, who stayed in Terezin for about a week and were sent to the death factory, Treblinka. Pavel and Edita had two children, a son called Joel and a daughter named Nica. Nica had three sons; the second-born died when he was seven or eight, and then they had a fourth son. Joel was named after his grandfather Julius, who died with his wife in the Auschwitz gas chambers. Joel is named Bar, like my son Hanan. Hebrew is written without vowels, so our family surname, Beer, is written in consonants, BR. Everyone automatically says Bar, which means grain in Hebrew. We old ones were still somehow stuck on Beer, but we always had to correct it and explain it to people. Little Karmel, Joels's daughter, is also Bar. Karmel's mother's family is also from Moravia, Miroslav, and were named Winkler. Karmel is an only child. Joel works for a company that installs and repairs elevators. Her mother, Dafna, is a housewife. They live near Haifa in one of its suburbs.

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