Julius Samek and Charlotte Senski

This photograph was most likely taken in 1910. It's of my mother's cousins, MUDr. Julius (Jula) Samek and his sister Charlotte (Lotte) Senski, née Samekova. Jula was born on 21st April 1900 and graduated from medicine in Prague. In 1943 he was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Alas, he didn't survive the war. His sister Lotte was born on 20th August 1904. During the Holocaust she was in the Terezin ghetto. She worked in a cardboard shop there. After the war she moved away to Israel. Toward the end of her life she lived in the Sdeh Nehemia kibbutz with her daughter and her family. She died in 1984 in a hospital in the town of Safed.

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