The Beer family in Beit Lehem

Our family in Beit Lehem in 1955. From the left, my husband Oskar Shimon Beer, our daughter Ednah, our son Hanan, and me, Michal Maud Beer, née Stecklmacherova.

During the 1950s, the fields were still tilled with horses and mules. As new settlers, we got the mare Chemda to share with Jankele Moldavan. She was very gentle and nice, we liked her; then she had that nice colt. As far as I can remember, she'd sometimes be at our place and sometimes at Jankele's. To my sorrow, some time later they sold her along with the colt, so that each family would have its own draft animal. Instead of the gentle Chemda, Shimon bought a mule - he was a real mule, Motek.

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