Hanan and Sarah Bar's wedding

This photo is from our son Hanan's wedding with Sarah, née Abramovic. Standing from the left: Jael Beer (my deceased daughter), Jakob (Jano) Ben Dom, Karmela Ben Dom, Ran Ben Dom, Naomi Ben Dom, Sarah Bar (the bride, née Abramovic), Hanan Bar, my husband Shimon Beer, in front of him my mother Katharina Stecklmacher, my daughter Ednah Michalowitz, I, Maud Michal Beer, and Ednah's father-in-law, Mr. Chaim Michalowitz. The three crouching from left to right: Tali Michalowitz, my son-in-law, Ednah's husband Eli Michalowitz, and Inbal Michalowitz. Two years later, in December 1986, our only grandson was born, Sarah's and Hanan's firstborn, Lior. For the first year and more, I visited them every month. Hanan and Sara are both chemists. Sara works for the police. Whenever there's an explosion, they call her, even at night, even when the children were small! At the age of 35, Hanan got his PhD, and he works for the American company Intel. They had to leave their children with strangers since they were small, which I regretted, but nothing could be done about it, except for frequent visits to their place in Jerusalem. In 1988 Noah was born, in 1994 Danah.

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