Jakob Weiss with his family

This photograph is of the family of my sister, Karmela Ben Dom, née Stecklmacherova. From the left, her son Ran Ben Dom, who graduated from medicine, my sister, her husband, Jakob Ben Dom, who changed his last name from Weiss, and their daughter, Naomi Ben Dom, who has since also finished her doctorate. The Weiss family changed their surname in 1975. My sister Karmela came to Israel with our mother and me in 1949, when she was 15. She went with a group of young people to the Kfar Hmakabi kibbutz, whose members were mostly from the Czechoslovak Republic. She left the kibbutz at the age of 20, and married Eugen [Jano, later Jakob] Weiss. Later they changed their name to the Hebrew Ben-Dom. They've got two children, a son, Ran, and a daughter, Naomi, who has a PhD in biochemistry. Ran is a medical doctor, his wife, Dalia is from Persia - Iran. They've got two nice children, a son, Itay, and a daughter, Maayan, and live in Beer Sheva. Naomi has a daughter, Roni, who's pretty and smart, and has all adults wrapped around her finger. My mother lived with Karmela's family in Kyriat Gat since 1964, where she died in 1993 and where she's buried. She was almost 85.

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