Josef and Gustav Steiner

This is a photograph of my grandpa Max Mayer Steiner's brother, Josef Steiner, and his son Gustav Steiner. Gustav was only a couple of years older than I. His parents had him quite late, in 1925. His father was born in 1894. This photo was taken in Prostejov, in 1938 or 1939.

On Sundays we'd go take trips out into the countryside with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Josef and Gusta, and we'd meet friends. Luckily I've got several photographs - from Pteni, Pohodli, Stinava, Strazisko, Belecky Mlyn, Hradisko... We'd pick strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and mushrooms. At the Plumlov Reservoir, I learned to swim. During the winter we had to stay in town, and on Sundays I'd go to Grandma's for lunch. I always liked her food better than at home. After all, she was an excellent housewife and cook!

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