The Alexander family

This is almost the entire Alexander family. I think the picture was taken in Satoraljaujhely. I don?t know when. The upper row, first on the left is Odon Alexander, next is his younger sister Ilus Alexander, and probably Sandor Alexander, their brother, beside him is his wife, who's name I remember as Cora. The man in the tie is Dudus [a nickname] Alexander, but I don?t remember his real name. Then comes Elza Alexander and finally Erno Alexander. Ilus's husband isn?t in the picture. She lived in Szerecse, if I remember well, her husband was a doctor and one of the skinny kids is hers. I don?t know who's is the little boy on the far left. The other is Gyurika, I seem to remember he was Erno's child. If I remember, the woman in front of Erno with her hands on the boy, was Erno's wife, Margit. This is aunt Hanna in the middle, the mother of all of them, Hanna Alexander, and next to her on the left is someone's betrothed, probably Dudus's wife. I don?t know who the little girl is. Aunt Hanna was the sister of my maternal Grandfather, grandpa Sebestyen. There were 12 siblings there, of which I can only name three or four. Aunt Hanna married Mano Alexander and lived in Satoraljaujhely. They had a lot of children. We had a close, loving connection to their family. They were, you could say, the most religious branch of the family. They were deported, just two of them survived, Elza and Odi [Odon]. Both were deported, but came home. They didn't have an easy life. Eventually, they went to Israel after 1956, because there were anti-Jewish incidents there [Satoraljaujhely]. They got scared and went away. Odi left for America, to his cousins, lived a rather modest life, I didn't have a rich American uncle. He then went back to Israel to die.