Sandor Acs

This is my father, Sandor Rosenfeld, I believe, from when he was still young, though he was never really young, because after World War I, he was a prisoner-of-war for seven years. And when he came home, he married my mother in 1926. This was before that, in the 1920s. He had to have come home in 1925, that's probably when this picture was taken. It was taken in Nagykoros, there was a pair of brothers there called Schillinger. I have a lot of these kinds of pictures, with their name on it. This one doesn?t have their name, but it's likely they took it. My father, Sandor Rosenfeld was born in Nagykoros in 1884. He magyarized his name to Acs in 1938. He was a lanky, thin man, not especially intelligent, not a reading man. He liked to play cards. But he was a good man. He loved me. Sometimes he?d take me to the theatre to see Uncle Lakner's performances [Artur Lakner (1893-1944) ? Puppet master and founder of the twentieth century's most popular Hungarian children's theater], when we already lived in Budapest. Uncle Lakner had a children's theatre. He [father] was a little left out of the family. He took part in the writer's dinners my mother's friends organized, but he didn't really take to them. My grandfather was the founder, and later the director of a fruit and vegetable distribution company. After my grandfather's death, his two sons, Pali and my father, took over the running of the Nagykorosi company. My uncle Pali was also a Jewish peasant, and my father was that type of man, too. My father worked very diligently in the company. At dawn, he would go to buy produce around the area, to Cegled, and the smaller villages. He was the main buyer, and oversaw the packaging, and shipping. Both my uncles, Erno and Lajos took part in the company's affairs, in that, they represented the business in Germany, where they shipped the fruits and vegetables. They met the shipment and took care of the business on that side. They also shipped to Switzerland.