Gyorgy Hajdu and his wife Katalin

This was a very beautiful moment in all our lives. My daughter Kati married Gyorgy Hajdu, who was a friend from university, and quick in love, quick into marriage. Katika had already finished university, or it was her last year, when they got married. They are almost the same age. Gyorgy finished university also, in geophysics. Gyorgy's family lived in Budapest, but his mother and father are from Pecs. His father is fully Jewish, his mother half-Jewish. They lived with us for a good couple of years, then succeeded in buying a co-op apartment. My son-in-law worked in the countryside, very devotedly, to get the money together. They lived together for more than twenty years. They also divorced peacefully, certain ideological problems came up between them, which led them sadly to divorce. Kati has lived with me for four years now. She can?t work, so I support her. I keep in touch with my son-in-law, of course not like I used to. My daughter keeps contact. From their marriage, they have a big, handsome boy, Tamas, who is already an adult. He's a programmer, a computer guy. He lives alone. I guess he?ll get married in a couple years, but right now he just studies, he's very smart. He goes to the Information Technology College, works really hard to build his future.

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