Leonora Acs

This is a very pretty picture of my mother, Leonora Sebestyen, from her youth, she was already a young woman here. So I think, this picture was taken in the mid 1920s sometime. This was also taken by a photographer, but who it was or when, I don?t know. But it looks to me like a picture from her childhood. ...Then came my mother, Leonora Sebestyen, born in 1904 and probably died in Ravensbruck. My mother spoke very eloquently, and attended the acting school for a while. But nothing came of that, most likely, due to financial reasons, she had to quit. She became a housewife and lived at home. Both the boys, Erno and Lajos were trained as lawyers, and for my grandfather to afford that expense, his two daughters had to find husbands from wealthy families. That was the cost of educating the boys. The girls succeeded. My parents probably were probably recommended to each other. The marriage didn't come from passionate love or intimacy. It was an honorable, decent marriage. My father came back from detention after the First World War, it had to be in 1925, then they were married in 1926.