The Rosenfeld brothers and their workers

This is a group picture. The Rosenfeld Brothers wholesalers. My paternal grandfather was the founder, and later director of a fruit and vegetable wholesale company. The picture was taken in Nagykoros, but I don?t know when. In the picture, my father is featured. He loved bowties, I remember that. In the picture, he's seen wearing white with the same bow tie. Next to him on his right hand, is Alexander, my mother's cousin. Two or three people to the left, looking with his hand above his eyes is Lajos Sebestyen, my maternal uncle. Lajos was also brought into the organization of the business, they were shipping product to Germany in the middle of all the problems. After my grandfather's death, his two sons, Pali and my father, took over the running of the Nagykorosi company. Their specialty was that they would collect lots of fruits and vegetables from around Nagykoros, then many, many women would pack them. They shipped them on refrigerated traincars to Germany, and I don?t know where else. The refrigerated cars were white, they had a special color. My father went buying in the morning, and brought the produce by truck, where the women would already be in the courtyard working, so that the produce was taken to the train nearly the same day. They had to work quickly. Sometimes, the produce would arrive in an unacceptable condition, which led to arguments about price. I remember their correspondence. They would write horribly angry letters, because if the produce wasn?t good quality, they couldn't market it. My uncle Pali was also a Jewish peasant, and my father was that type of man, too. My father worked very diligently in the company. At dawn, he would go to buy produce around the area, to Cegled, and the smaller villages. He was the main buyer, and oversaw the packaging, and shipping. Both my uncles, Erno and Lajos took part in the company's affairs, in that, they represented the business in Germany, where they shipped the fruits and vegetables. They met the shipment and took care of the business on that side. They also shipped to Switzerland. My mother also got involved in the joint stock company, and later became the family breadwinner. She had an agile character. The business was successful up until 1941. Then the company went bankrupt. The competition ruined it. There was another wholesaler in Nagykoros, the Benedek company. This Benedek firm, who also wholesaled wine, ruined my father, when in one year, that my father also sold wine, they let theirs go for such a low price that my father couldn't sell his, and they were left with all their wine. They lost everything. They had to auction off the house, the horses, the truck, everything we had.