Mairy Angel with her daughters Lucy Beza and Ellie Angel

Mairy Angel with her daughters Lucy Beza and Ellie Angel
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In this photo from bottom going up are my youngest daughter, Ellie Alfredo Angel, my eldest daughter Lucy Alfredo Angel and me, Mairy Angel. My daughter Lucy was born on August 26, 1947. I cried when she was born because I did not give birth to a boy. But she was beautiful, like a dolly. Five years and a few months later I gave birth to my second daughter Ellie-Rachel. They are both wonderful kids that I still torture. Lucy's friend often ask my how both of my daughters became so magnificent. My answer is that I never quarreled with my husband in front of my children. This was the way I was raised by my parents. The happiest days of my life, my wonderful life, was my prewar life. And it had ended. At least I raised two very good children. This photo must have been taken at a park when Lucy was seven years old and Ellie three years old. I was always thin and eccentric as I am in this photograph.

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Interviewee: Mirou-Mairy Angel
Nina Hatzi
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Athens, Greece

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