Mairy Angel's siblings Jema, Isidor and Rene Karasso

Mairy Angel's siblings Jema, Isidor and Rene Karasso

These are my three beloved siblings that perished during the Holocaust. They were burned in Auschwitz.

In reality this is not a picture taken of the three of them. This is a combination of three different photographs.

In 1945 I went to Michel, a well-known photographer. His photography studio is at Diagonios in the center of Thessalonica.

He combined the three pictures into this one so I will have it to remember my three beloved siblings that perished in Auschwitz.

From left to right is my brother Isidor Smoel Karasso. He had his Bar Mitzvah during the German occupation just a while before he was deported along with my parents and my sisters Jema and Rene. Isidor was 13 years old when he died.

Next to Isidor is Jema Smoel Karasso. She was very beautiful. She was tall and blond with nice blue eyes. We had a couturier that was making our dresses at home.

The dress she is wearing was new. Jema had a friend, Regina Franco. Franco Family found this photograph and gave it to me after the war.

Jema was 15 years old when she died. She was working for a while at Auschwitz. On the day of Kippur the best girls of Thessalonica, among them my sister Jema, were selected and send to crematorium.

Next to Jema is Rene Smoel Karasso. She was older when she perished but I did not have any other photograph of her. She died at the age of nine.

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