Mairy Angel with her friends Fridda Medina and Nina Molho

Mairy Angel with her friends Fridda Medina and Nina Molho

This photo was taken on 1945 when I returned back to Thessalonica after the war.

At the first row from left is me, Mairy Smoel Karasso. I was not married yet.

Next to me is Fridda Smoel Medina. We were very good friends. My father would invite her often to lunch. I was not eating much. When she came I would eat a little bit more.

She returned back from Auschwitz. She knew how to speak German and she was at better position. She lives now in Israel. We talk on the phone.

On the second row is Nina Molho, Rabbi's Molho daughter. Her father was a writer. She is a year older than me. During the war they were hiding in Thessalonica.

Nina's father performed my marriage. But he did not come with an agreement with the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and he left for Brazil. He started a small factory there but he did not succeed.

Then her mother was knitting. Nina is alone now. I cannot remember where this picture was taken.

I believe we took it because the three of us survived and because Fridda was leaving for Israel. We used to be four. Margo Walker is missing. She perished in Auschwitz.

On the back is written: Souvenir affectueux Frida Nina Mary 1945. [Affectionate Souvenir Fridda, Nina, Mairy].

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