Mairy Angel's husband Alfredo Angel with their two daughters Lucy Beza and Ellie angel

This photograph is taken just in front of my husband's shop at 35 Ermou Street at the center of Thessalonica.

My husband was born on 1909 and died May 1st, 1983. His name was Alfredo Angel. He was textiles merchant. He was born and raised in Thessalonica, so did his antecessors.

It is my husband Alfredo Angel, with his daughters Lucy Alfredo Angel at his right and Ellie Alfredo Angel at his left.

My daughter Lucy was born on August 26, 1947. I cried when she was born because I did not give birth to a boy. But she was beautiful, like a dolly.

Five years and a few months I gave birth to my second daughter Ellie-Rachel. They are both wonderful kids that I still torture.

I do not know when this picture was taken neither do I know who took it.