Mairy Angel's brother Isidor Karasso at school

Mairy Angel's brother Isidor Karasso at school

This is a photograph of my brother Isidor Samuel Karasso at school. He must have been around seven years old when this picture was taken.
My youngest brother, Isidoricos was disobedient.

My mother would show him the heels of her sleepers as a treat. She never hit us. She would hit with the heel of her sleeper at the window instead, thus breaking it.

My younger brother, Isidor, on Saturday morning, when he woke up, he wanted to eat beans. Beans usually we had for Friday lunch but he was asking to eat them on Saturday morning.

Usually on Saturday morning we ate pasteliko, pie with spinach and cheese, and cake. My mother made a lot of cakes.

My other brother Isidor's Bar Mitzvah was when we were at the ghetto. It was only on Thursday that only males went to the synagogue and that was all. A few days later they left for Auschwitz.

The only thing I can remember was Isidor's Brit Mila. I was going in between people in order to go up front to see what they were doing to my brother. And when I saw cutting and blood I fainted.

Isidor is at the second row from down going up, the forth from left to right. He is wearing navy uniform, as it was customary back then for boys.

I do not know anybody else in this photograph. .
It is taken at the school where all the class pictures were taken.

The nuns were giving them in exchange of a small amount of money to anyone who wanted to have it as a souvenir from the school year

My mother during the war put in a box all the prewar photographs that I have now and some of our clothes. This box was send to Ormilia by bus.

This was the village that my parents, my sisters Jema and Rene, and my brother Isidor were supposed to go and hide during the war. A boat was supposed to take them from there to Volos, which was under Italian Occupation.

Isidor was 13 years old when he died. He perished during the Holocaust.

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