Angel Mairy

This is me Mairy Angel nee Karasso. I was born in 1921. I am 85 years old. I was born prematurely. My mother had typhus. The doctor said he could save either the mother or the child. My father chose the mother. My grandmother, my father's mother, Mirou Karasso n?e Bernadout took care of me for three months. She placed me in a small doll's box. She called the best doctor in town. The doctor said to boil everyday milk and water and mix it with sugar and open my mouth and feed me. He also said to wrap my fingers with cotton so they will not stick one another. That's why they called me: Åsta es la de los algodones. Then I was released in life. When they took me out of the doll's box something even worse happened to me. They dressed me with light clothes. So I got pneumonia. There were no antibiotics back then. And I died. They called my father to come back from Chalkidiki where he was working. They wrapped me with linen, as it is customary for Jews to do when somebody dies, and waited for Haham next day to come to perform the funeral. When Haham came he saw my knee bended. He called everybody to see my eyes, to see that I was alive. And I am still ALIVE. How great is the Almighty. My mother gave birth to six children. I was the oldest. From my family only my brother Albertos Samuel Karasso who lives now in Israel and me survived. Fifty five thousand Salonica Jews perished. It was G-d's will for me to survive and live up to date. This picture was taken on 1998, I cannot remember where.