The Yakov family

Here you can see the Yakov family. The photo was taken in 1948 or 1949 in Ruse. These are my parents - Roza Izidor Yakova and Isak (he preferred to be called Izidor) Yakov Samoilov, together with my two sisters Sara Izidor Glikman (nee Yakova), standing first from right, and Beya Izidor Schwarz (nee Yakova), standing first from left. The photo was taken before my sisters left for Israel, where my whole family eventually moved. I am the eldest of the children in the family and when the photo was taken, I was in the army. My parents lived in Jerusalem until my father died in 1952; he was buried in Jerusalem. My mother then moved to Holon and died there in 1984. On the right sits my sister Sara. Next to her is Beya. Sara was born in 1925 in Ruse. She left for Israel with her fiance, Poli Glikman, one year before my parents, probably in 1947. Glikman is an Ashkenazi Jew. On the way to Israel, they both found themselves in a camp in Cyprus. It was only for Jewish immigrants and was made by the English army. At that time Palestine was a protectorate of England and Cyprus was an English island. They lived there for a year and then they traveled to Israel by ship. They lived in Eilat in very good conditions. Since Poli Glikman knew German very well, he worked as a translator in a copper mine in Israel. When he died, Sara went to Karmiel, where my other sister, Beya, lived. She died there and was buried in Karmiel. My younger sister Beya left for Israel with my parents. Her husband Israel Ashkenazi was a Romanian Jew. At first they lived in Eilat and then they moved to the nice city of Karmiel. She has two boys, who each have two or three children, so my sister has many grandchildren.