Yako Izidor Yakov when awarded the prize for his team

This photo was taken when I was awarded the prize for my [brigade] team, which became national champion. The photo was taken in 1947 in Ruse. My fate after 9th September 1944 was interesting. In 1944-46 I worked as an organizer in the District Committee of the UYW in Ruse. In 1946 I led the first permanent brigade of Samuil-Silistra. At that time young people came to work for free on the Samuil-Silistra road for 20 days and I was their leader. Next year I became a commander, after I finished a course for brigade commanders in Beli Briag. Then my team became national champion of Pernik-Voluyak. Afterwards I was asked to go to Sofia where I was appointed at first as an inspector and then as head of the ?Competitions and Awards? department in the headquarters of the brigadiers. Around 400 000 youths took part in the brigades only in 1947. Our team was a national champion again, competing with five national sites. Our prize was a red flag with the words ?national champion? and a manifestation in front of the National Assembly in Sofia.