Yako Yakov's family and friends

This is a photo of my family and friends, taken in 1945 in Ruse. In the center are Moni Hakim and his wife Loti. His head is tilted to the right and she is right below him. He is from Ruse and she is from Sofia. Mari Pinkas is the third from the left. His wife Suzi is in the center, next to Loti. He died and she is alive and living in Israel. She is from Romania. I am the second from the right. The first on the right is Ariko Haimov. To the far right at the very front is Liza Lazarova. Just above her on the right is Lazar Eliezer, her husband. To the far left is Professor Jacques Aroyo. To the far left below him is his wife Nora. Next to him is Miko Yulzari, who is deceased. Next to him is Vinka Levi from Sofia, to whom he was engaged.