Three Jewish friends of Yako Yakov on an excursion

Three shomrim [members of ?Hashomer Hatzair?] on an excursion. The photo was taken in 1935 or 1936 in Ruse, in the Borova Gorichka [Pine Forest] area. Borova Gorichka was at the end of the town - we often went there on excursions. I took this photo, which is why I cannot be seen in the picture. The three people on the photo are my friends, but I do not remember all their names. I only remember that the man sitting is Lazar Eliezer. Our Resistance began with Hashomer Hatzair, a left-wing Zionist youth organization, which started in Poland in 1912 and managed to gather supporters from all over Europe. Their goal was to educate the youth in the Zionist mentality and to prepare them to immigrate to Palestine. To achieve this goal they paid special attention to the so-called shomer-movement, boy scout education, and supported the re-stratification of Jewish society. They operated several agricultural and industrial training grounds, the so-called chalutz grounds, to train those who wanted to immigrate. In Transylvania the first Hashomer Hatzair groups were established in the 1920s. During World War II, members of Hashomer Hatzair were leading active resistance against German forces, in ghettoes and concentration camps. After the war, Hashomer Hatzair was active in 'illegal' immigration to Palestine. During our free time my friends and I were involved in illegal activities in Ruse; all the more important anti-fascist activities in Ruse were organized and performed with our participation. As I mentioned I was one of the activists together with Izidor Ayzner. He worked for the cause in Maccabi and I in Hashomer Hatzair. At that time we became atheists.